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     The name Derby Park Traders Circle Flea Market & Treasure Gallery denotes who we are, what we do, and where the Derby Park is located. The buildings that make the market (partially shown to the right in the above photo) were built in the early 1930's by the American Tobacco Company.

     In 1984, the facility was purchased by Parker Tobacco Company, a family-owned business who realized diversification was necessary because the political tide was changing.

     The entire Parker facility consists of 1,000,000 square feet of historical buildings, rests on fifty-eight acres, and is less than a mile from Churchill Downs where the "Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports", (since 1874) The Kentucky Derby is held. The Derby Park Traders Circle occupies a bit more than 135,000 square feet and covers approximately 18 acres and growing.

     Louisville, Kentucky, founded in 1792, was and still is the center of it all. An eight-hour drive in any direction will take you to among 80 percent of the U.S. population. All major routes will bring you to Louisville. So whatever season, or whatever direction you may be heading, you're always welcome at the Derby Park Traders Circle.

     The Derby Park Flea Market began business on July 27, 1985, and consisted of only eight outside dealers. The timing was right, unemployment was high, and everyone was out to make an extra dollar. Our first indoor market building opened September 1 of 1985. Demand for dealer spaces was high immediately, especially emphasized by our low rates and our central location. Expansion was consistent with one improvement after the other, trying to keep the old 30's look by bringing the country to the city.

Click to enlarge inside this page. Double-click to reduce the image. A grand Derby day in the sun.      The current atmosphere at the Derby Park is energized by the throngs of shoppers and the wide variety of the 550+ dealers operating inside the facility. We're an open, free-enterprise marketplace, there are no exclusives . . . and we always strive to maintain a clean, attractive and successful flea market.

     Ever since the conception of the Derby Park in 1985, the ownership and management have continued with the same professional attitude of being courteous and friendly, putting forth efforts to please the dealers and the public.

     The Derby Celebration, the outrageous giveaways, Click to enlarge inside this page. Double-click to reduce the image. Expo Five the Expo Dome Show. Christmas Week, Easter at it's best, the Derby Park Dealers Appreciation and Potluck Party, 3 Ring Circus, and the Derby Park Community Drive are just a few of our popular events, along with Expo Five hosting some spectacular shows!

     The Derby Park is a member of the  National Flea Market Association , where enormous benefits have been more than profitable. Moreover, the many professionals here in this business are friendly, courteous, and very helpful in sharing ideas.

     Imagination, time, effort, and the greatest people alive have and will remain the critical ingredients to a continued growth at the Derby Park Traders Circle Flea Market & Treasure Gallery. We're neither the Fairgrounds nor the Taj Mahal, but we are one of the few places in Louisville you can see it all!

Come see us soon! At the Derby Park, any weekend is a good weekend!
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Derby Park Traders Circle Flea Market
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Louisville, Kentucky 40216

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